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Shop update: Pokekittens and Unicorns!

by Theo on August 25th, 2016
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This week I updated my Society 6 shop with a handful of pieces that folks have been asking for.

First off is a Unicorns Are Jerks print I originally made for AMA-CON.

Unicorn print

Some friends on Twitter asked me to put it on stuff, so here it is! T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, the whole enchilada, covered in a jerk unicorn eating a baby’s candy.

Mighty assistant Jack says we should make this our work uniform:

download (1)

Have to admit, I’m tempted.

Shortly after AMA-CON, I saw that sign-ups were open for our local Cat Video Festival‘s first ever artist alley. It was a last minute thing, but hello, tabling at a CAT VIDEO FESTIVAL? I am so down for that. So I started sketching cats…

And then wound up in the ER with agonizing hand pain 5 days before the festival. Tenosynovitis of my right thumb tendon. MY TENDONS DON’T WANT ME TO HAVE NICE THINGS.

What’s an artist to do when faced with a busted dominant hand and a looming deadline for cat art?

I switched hands. My left hand is as clumsy as the female lead in a poorly written rom-com, but apparently it absorbed my high school art teacher’s lesson on drawing wrong-handed. Lefty’s art style is sketchier and looser than my usual, but I dig it.

The most popular thing I drew for the Cat Video Festival was my Starter Pokekittens. Look at these cutie patoots.

Fluffasaur (plant type)

pokekittens bulba

Charmitten (fire type)pokekittens charm

Purrtle (water type – but poor little guy is afraid of water!)pokekittens squirtleAnd Pikamew (electric type) pokekittens pikaAll 4 of these little floofs are on my Society 6 shop, as a team and individually, on prints, shirts, tote bags, mugs, etc. (They’re also up on my Tumblr, if you’d like to share them.) 

Personally, I like the throw pillow.


And I want to wear this Purrtle tank top to show the world that I too am shaky and uncertain about my purpose in life.

download (2)


Okay, enough ogling my own merch. Back to work!


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