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The Robot’s Guide to Love!

by Theo on May 19th, 2016
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Hey, have you seen this new coloring book?

Robots COVER SMALLER front

Robot friends! Did your sentience come with a longing for love? Do love interests run from your laser eyes? Does your programming lack a flirtation protocol? Then you are holding the right coloring book!

The Robot’s Guide to Love features 22 pages of romantic advice sure to help any robot find a human, robot, or toaster to love.

I’m going to level with you, friends: This is my favorite dang coloring book I’ve made. It’s about things dear to my heart, like love and loss and laser eyes, and it turned out even cuter than I had imagined. And gayer. And sillier.

I love it a lot. I hope you will, too.

The Robot’s Guide to Love is now available through Amazon and the Createspace e-store.

Here are some sample pages. Click through, and you can download the full size versions to print.

Robots Guide_003 Robots Guide_007 Robots Guide_011 Robots Guide_020

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