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Books that now exist in the world

by Theo on April 6th, 2016
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In the past month, I’ve had two books come out. One of them is available for sale; one of them was the coolest commission I’ve ever gotten to work on.

Apocalypse cover text SMALLFirst off: The Apocalypse Coloring & Activity Book, published by Lark Crafts April 5th, 2016

My first book with a for-real publisher! Also my first super-sized coloring and activity book – it’s almost twice as long as any other coloring book I’ve done so far! It’s also my first and probably only book to feature giant robot paper dolls.

From the back cover:

The apocalypse has dawned—and this fun-filled book is the perfect diversion as you await the zombie attack. Color in a picture to reveal an “inspirational” message. Solve a crossword about what’s in Jimmy’s survival pantry. Design a vehicle to drive across the wasteland. Match the alien to the method of global destruction. Don’t go into your bunker without it!

I’m kinda in love with this book. It was an idea I didn’t think a publisher would go for, but the editorial team at Sterling/Lark not only loved it but gave me a huge amount of creative control over the contents. Pretty much the only thing I got told “no” on was “Can I get away with a page about Will Smith fighting aliens?” Not without his permission, alas.

(Mr. Smith, if you’re reading this, I’d love to give you a cameo in one of my coloring books. Have your people call my people.)

Anyway, here are some free pages from the Apocalypse Coloring & Activity Book for you to download and color! Click through for larger sizes.



The Apocalypse Coloring & Activity Book is available on, Amazon, and AN ACTUAL BOOKSTORE NEAR YOU! I found one in the Humor section of my local Barnes and Noble last night. See?



The other book that made its debut this past month is a private commission I worked on for a client, who has given me permission to share a peek of it with you.

The Empire Coloring Book, a mini coloring book of scenes from the hit show Empire, commissioned and co-written with Gabourey Sidibe, who plays Becky (one of my favorite characters!!) on the show.


Gabby wanted to make a really unique gift for the cast and crew of the show to celebrate the end of season 2, and I think we suceeeded in that. The only way to acquire a copy of this book is to be one of the amazing people who work on Empire, but Gabby was kind enough to let me share a few pics with you.






I love this show, and it was an honor to translate it to coloring pages. Also, Gabourey Sidibe is the best client ever (and exactly as awesome as she seems).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go draw some robots. Because my job is awesome.


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