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Coming Spring 2016: The Apocalypse Coloring and Activity Book!

by Theo on October 1st, 2015
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I’ve been sitting on this news for a while now, and I’m SO EXCITED to be able to tell you…

I have a new coloring book coming out next spring with Sterling Publishing! It’s called The Apocalypse Coloring and Activity Book, and it’s an informative, upbeat guide to surviving many common apocalypse scenarios – with fun activity pages!

What can you expect to find in The Apocalypse Coloring and Activity Book? Well, among other things:

  • A bright side to the nuclear apocalypse
  • Tips on how best to deal with life in a frozen hellscape, plague-riddled wasteland, and more!
  • A quiz to help you assess whether your ally is secretly a killer robot
  • Mazes and other fun activities to help pass the time in your bunker
  • Finally, an answer to the question “Should I take a selfie with a zombie?” (Spoiler: NO)

And because it’s me, there’s body diversity and stuff, too.

The Apocalypse Coloring and Activity Book, guys. It’s going to be a thing. I’m still kind of in shock that a real publisher actually let me make this. (Shoutout to my editor, Kate Zimmerman, who has been fantastic to work with!)

I can’t wait to share this book with all of you. I hope you like it.

(And never fear, I’m still planning on self-publishing another coloring book before the year is up. If all goes well, The Robot’s Guide to Love should be out before Christmas.)

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    YAY!!!!! Birthday present for me!!!

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