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Dinosaurs With Jobs! Free coloring pages! Art giveaway!

by Theo on October 24th, 2013
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Guess what’s now a real book that you can buy and color in?

DWJ front cover small

Dinosaurs work hard for a living, and their efforts deserve to be recognized. This coloring book features 20 examples of the dinosaur driving instructors, dog groomers, astronauts, tech support specialists, and more whose work makes our world a better place.

Now available via and the CreateSpace eStore

Folks, I am SO HAPPY with how this coloring book turned out, and I can’t wait to see what you think. It’s some of the best art I’ve committed to print, the cover is easily my favorite of all three books, and I had so much fun drawing dinosaurs that I wound up including two more pages than usual.

Here are a few sample pages for you. Click through for bigger versions you can download and color!



To celebrate Dinosaurs With Jobs being out, I’m doing an art giveaway! (EDIT: The giveaway has had some prizes added and the deadline extended. Changes are reflected below!)

What do I have to do? 

Download and color one of the sample pages above. Email a scan or photo of your finished masterpiece to me at by the end of the day October 31st November 14th, 2013. Shortly after, I’ll do a random number drawing and select one winner.

What can I win?

I will draw you a coloring page of a prehistoric creature of your choice doing whatever job you want! You’ll get a digital copy of the page so you can print it out as many times as you want! I’ll also send you copies of ALL THREE coloring books I currently have out!

Neat! What are the rules?

  1. One entry per person! (Multiple entries per email are okay, though, if you’re submitting entries for your family members.)
  2. No age restrictions. If you want to give your one-year-old a crayon and set them loose, go for it – but if the baby wins, that commission has to be something you think the baby will like.
  3. No art skills needed! Just color a page somehow.
  4. By entering this giveaway, you’re agreeing to have your coloring page displayed in a post on this website.

I posted about it on my Tumblr, if you feel like reblogging and spreading the word.

Happy coloring. :)

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