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by Theo on May 8th, 2013
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This is turning out to be one of the busiest months of my life. Here’s a taste of what I’m up to in the near future – including some events you’re invited to, which are bolded!

May 10th – Graduate reading! I get to stand up in front of my peers, professors, and dad and read from my thesis novel.

May 12th – Helping my roommate of 3 years move out.

May 15th – Last day of work in the department where I’ve been a student worker for over 8 years


May 18th-19th – SpringCon, 10am-5pm at the MN State Fairgrounds! I’ll be there selling coloring books and tiny watercolors of Calvin & Hobbes style superheroes. You should stop by and say hello. (Saturday at SpringCon overlaps a bit with my commencement ceremony. I’ll be rushing out the door in a blur of polyester graduation robes around 2:30pm, but I’ll be there the whole time on Sunday.)

May 24th-27th – WisCon, including a reading! I’ll have plenty of coloring books for sale in the art show’s print shop, and on Saturday night at 10:30, I’ll be a part of the reading group Family Stories and Secrets. Outside of the reading, you’ll most likely find me lurking about with my face in a sketchbook or being forcibly placed in conversations by my more outgoing friends.

May 31st-June 1st – Moving into my new apartment and painting it. Sometime after this, I might be able to breathe again.

Also, you might notice that this site has a new look. It also has a new URL:! I did that this month, too. Whew.

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