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Now with more procrastination action!

by Theo on November 16th, 2012
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Hi, folks. If you came here from Mental Floss’s 10 Bizarre Coloring Books for Adults,¬†welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

This website’s been a bit neglected lately, thanks to me working on my graduate thesis in fiction. (Wow, it sounds so respectable when I say it like that. Not at all like I spent most of last night playing Bubble Shooter and writing about teenagers who can kill people with their minds.)

I’ll get this place tidied up soon, but I’ve got to submit a new draft of my thesis novel by December 1st, so right now everything else is on the back burner. My social life has been whittled down to nothing, I never go anywhere except my apartment and work, and I’ve said the words “I can’t, I have thesis” so many times that I feel like the world’s worst talking action figure.

Thankfully, Thesis Theo is limited edition.

See you in December!

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  1. 'Lista permalink

    I think this would be a best-seller! Particularly if it would also utter the phrases, “Fuck socks!” and “Dr. Pepper, sweet nectar of life!”.

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