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Unicorns Are Jerks: now a real coloring book you can buy!

by Theo on August 30th, 2012
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Hello, world!

Thesis prep sort of ate my life whole for two months. But I’ve got a finished draft, I turned in my registration materials today, and I’ve crawled out of the rubble of scrapped ideas and Cheez-It boxes clutching a shiny new coloring book!

Remember Unicorns Are Jerks?

The cover of a coloring book called Unicorns Are Jerks. It shows two unicorns with sparkly hair standing in front of a store window. There are No Smoking and No Loitering signs behind them, and they're both smoking, wearing aviator shades and "I don't give a crap" expressions. A store clerk is glaring at them from the other side of the glass.

Well, it’s available now on CreateSpace and!

It took much longer to get this into the world than I expected, thanks to an unprecedented number of formatting issues, some of the worst timing of my life, and thesis prep, and in the end, this book went through ten proofs where Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace needed only three. I blame the unicorns. They clearly didn’t want the truth to get out.


Some well-deserved acknowledgements:

So many people deserve thanks on this project I’m not sure my swiss cheesed by thesis memory will cover them all. First off, I owe so much to my friends on Twitter and Google+ who helped me brainstorm and contributed ideas (IIRC, “Unicorns eat your leftovers. YOU WERE SAVING THAT!” came from Las, caps intact). My dear Fredizens were my constant cheerleaders on this project, and the fact that it exists at all is at least 50% their fault. The other 50% lies with Lee and Lisa Blauersouth, Marianne Kirby, and Gerbil, who offered encouragement and fantastic feedback.

And of course, The Black Hat Comic Collective continues to put up with me bringing coloring pages to their meetings and con tables instead of comics. Thanks, guys. I’ll bring the punch and pie next time.


Other news:

I’m aware that my website is a bit outdated in the name department – that’s next on the docket. My webmonkey got a fabulous job right out of college, so I can no longer summon her on the fly. But I’ve propped a box up on a stick and put some werewolf fanfic under there as bait, so I should catch her soon.

It’s been a hectic summer, but I’m hoping to be back on a schedule of posting at least once a week by September.

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  1. 'Lista permalink

    The mailman hasn’t brought my copies yet, but they are on their way! Sometimes it takes weeks for things to make it through the rural mail system, which I believe is only proof that the PO is staffed entirely with unicorns.

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