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Alice Rosemary Kadath

by Theo on March 4th, 2012
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This is Alice.

She belongs to my dear friend Bex, who asked me if I’d burn roses on her new spinning wheel before she put a finish on it. I had been absolutely flattered when she had me burn little dancing kiwi birds on her Ashford Kiwi wheel a few years back, so of course I said yes.

Actually, it was a bit of a dream come true. The only regret I have about my own Kromski Minstrel (the same model as Alice) is that I bought it pre-finished because I didn’t have the guts to burn and finish it myself. Minstrels have a lot of detailed woodwork that makes them a rather challenging surface to wood burn. I did little opening rosebuds on the flat bits on the inside the wheel:

And made use of the flat space on the treadles:

But oddly, the most satisfying part of the project was burning around one of the posts on the mother-of-all, which included a lot of carefully dragging the tip of the burner over bumps and divots in the lovely woodwork:

Bex finished her with Danish oil in “cherry,” which really shows off both the wood grain and the rose vines.¬†Alice was a gorgeous wheel to begin with (I have a soft spot for Minstrels, obviously), but now she’s a gorgeous wheel who’s perfectly suited to her spinner. It’s an intimidating challenge, being asked to help another artist personalize the tools of their trade, but deeply satisfying to see finished.

(All photos courtesy Bex.)

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