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FallCon 2011 sketch dump

by Theo on October 16th, 2011
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FallCon was fantastic! Big crowd, loads of friendly creators to chat with, and an awesome staff. I spent the whole day planted behind the table and still enjoyed myself immensely – which is the measure of a good con and good tablemates, if you ask me. There was lots of sketching and chatting amongst the Black Hatters, plus the usual spontaneous sing-alongs. (“I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’,” “Tom Cruise Crazy,” and “Moves LIke Jagger” all made an appearance.)

I’ve been getting into the habit of drawing characters from The Fantasy Series What Ate My Life again. It’s nice. They used to be my go-to drawing subjects, and in the years between the last time I worked on that story and now, other people’s characters had snuck in to take their places. Now they’re shoving back into their rightful places.

And by that I mean my brain has defaulted to “When in doubt, draw Moda.” If you ever see me yelling “I LOVE YOU, MODA” on Twitter while writing, this is who I’m yelling at:

Moda showed up late in book 2 of the trilogy and wouldn’t leave. He started off as a nameless background character, but within a month or so of writing him, I’d rearranged the entire ending of TFSWAML to suit him. It’s possible I’m a bit too attached to this character. He’s a poet, cage fighter, and glam and classic rock fanboy, and he always seems to be wearing something fabulous and smiling.

I’ll stop talking about Moda now.

(That’s a lie. I’ll never stop talking about Moda. See also: too attached.)

And here’s Griff, who I hadn’t drawn in forever. Figuring out his new hairstyle for book 3 was fun.


And Arie, also with new hair. 


And for kicks, I also did this small piece of Rowyn looking totally at ease for once. 

Also with new hair. Because this is NEW HAIR: THE NOVEL. Actually, I kind of like that. Henceforth, the unnamed third book of TFSWAML will be called New Hair: The Novel. (Beta readers, I’m assuming you’re cool with this. Just like you encouraged me to name that one chapter of book 2 “Punch And Pie -or- The Pottery Shop Is Totally For Fighting (subtitle: Smack Him in the Face With a Flower Pot! Woohoo!),” which is still the worst chapter title I have ever heard in my life, although it does summarize the events of the chapter quite well.)

Anyway. FallCon: awesome and full of good art time! I’ll definitely be back next year.

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