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St. Paul Art Crawl Fall 2011

by Theo on October 14th, 2011
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So, the Art Crawl was a blast! The Black Hat Collective had the weight room at The Cosmopolitan all to ourselves, so the space was a little odd, but we had room to stretch out. We built a little fort for coloring by the vending machines. With Christmas lights.

I got a chance to talk to lots of fascinating people, including a professor from Metro State who wanted to use Fat Ladies In Spaaaaace as a teaching tool for lessons on gender and body image. Um, YES, PLEASE!

We didn’t get a whole lot of traffic – partly, I suspect, because of the Zombie Pub Crawl that took over downtown on Saturday – but this weird looking guy stopped by:

That’s my dad. I told him, “Pose like Vanna White!” and that’s what he did. Does America’s Next Top Model accept applications from men with senior citizen discount cards? Because they should. My dad would rock that show.

I spent most of the art crawl drawing. Kate let me try out her Prismacolor markers, so I did a little doodle of Peter the kiwi bird wearing suspenders.

And a doodle of a shark, which sort of turned into a sunrise.

On Sunday, I remembered to bring my watercolors and brushes and spent the day doing a pair of character studies from The Fantasy Series What Ate My Life. I had just made the decision to switch projects in my Advanced Fiction class – from a revision of Book 1 to the first draft of Book 3 – and working on these helped to ground me in the characters.

Roots 1: Tiern

Roots 2: Rowyn

I may have to do more of these with my other characters in this series. I’ve been away from them for a couple of years, and these drawings were an attempt to get back into their head spaces and see what’s occupying their minds in the present. (Tiern is trying to ignore the deadly psychic powers that have steered him for the past few years and return to normal life; Rowyn is, well…spoilers, sweetie. I have some longtime beta readers who read this.)

It says a lot about the general awesomeness and sanity of the Black Hat Collective that after three days of being stuck in a room with each other (and Steve the stegosaurus, who was weirdly disagreeable all through setup – YEAH I SAID IT, STEVE), we went upstairs to watch Disney movies together after the art crawl closed.

In related news, one of the Black Hatters, Gerbil, has just started a new autobio webcomic: Cordyceps Tickles. I’ve gotten a chance to read ahead a bit on these, and they’re fantastic. Definitely a comic to bookmark. I suspect “LORRY BLOODY LIFT CRISPS” is going to get quoted a lot tomorrow at our FallCon table.

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  1. and MORE GIN has become a meme in my life. I don’t even like gin, but it perfectly encapsulates my thoughts on a lot of people and situations.

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