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Belated Art Day: Androgyny ahoy!

by Theo on August 30th, 2011
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The bulk of my time this Sunday was spent working on a piece that isn’t finished yet. It’ll get its own post once it is done. In the meantime: small watercolor and ink pieces from Sunday!

This is Dorin, a character of mine. She was my warm-up piece.

Fun fact: in almost every novel I’ve written, there’s been one character who switched genders midway through the story and had to be rewritten in draft two as their new gender*. Dorin started off as a defensive, withdrawn, rock-throwing little boy in the second book of The Fantasy Series What Ate My Life, but somewhere along the line I decided I wanted a kickass little girl in the story, so Dorin became a defensive, withdrawn, rock-throwing little girl. She’s completely fearless, has zero grasp of consequences, and is one of my favorite characters to write.

And this is Teacup, who only exists on this page and has no gender that I know of.

I think the stuff on their antlers is a status thing. Teacup is probably low to middling on the faun hierarchy. The least respected in the community have bits of masking tape and twine in their antlers, while the community leaders have entire tea sets, toys, Christmas tree toppers, and so on. I imagine one of the elders has an entire Hot Wheels set up there that still works if he plugs it in.

These two pieces reminded me why I don’t normally work on watercolor paper – the tooth of the paper mucked up my inking in places. I kinda like them anyway, although I’ll be shoving that pad of watercolor paper back into the closet for the foreseeable future.


* By “rewritten” I generally just mean I changed pronouns. Their personalities, motivations, attractions, etc. aren’t affected by the switch. I don’t think a character’s gender determines their personality, and I have smacked friends Agent Gibbs style for saying that writing female characters was different and more challenging than writing male ones.

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  1. Leen permalink

    Oh my goodness, Teacup. I am in love.

  2. Bunny permalink

    I’m fascinated by Teacup and the faun community and want to know MORE!

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