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Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace: The Contest!

by Theo on August 15th, 2011
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Gather round, folks, we’re having a contest!

Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace is now a real book for sale on the internet, and you can buy it if you like! Check this baby out.

Look at all that coloring booky goodness. Don’t you want a copy of it? Steve the stegosaurus who lives in my sun room says it’s totally aces.

And you know Steve’s got good taste. I mean, he’s a stegosaurus. Everybody knows they’re excellent judges of literature.

Here’s your chance to win a free copy. By coloring!

The Contest!

Here are free coloring pages from Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace, along with a coloring-ready version of the cover art. Click for big versions.




Your mission is to color one of these and email your finished masterpiece to me at I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner, so everyone has the same odds regardless of artistic ability. (Because one of the awesome things about coloring is it doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you’re having fun!)  I’ll post a gallery of the submissions once the contest is over so you can see everyone’s lovely work!

One winner will receive:

  • A copy of Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace (signed, if you like)
  • An original coloring page of yourself or a loved one as a sci-fi character of your choosing (I’ll send you the inked page as well as a digital copy for easy printing and coloring)
  • A PDF of the interior coloring pages, so you can print them out and color as many copies as you want
  • Bragging rights, ’cause dude, you won an internet contest by coloring.

The rules:

  1. One entry per person, please! (Kids count. If you send me one page you colored and one your third grader colored, that’s a-okay, just mention that in your email.)
  2. You can color using any medium you like, traditional or digital, and send me any kind of image of your masterpiece – scanned, photographed, cell phone pic with Blingees, it’s all good! All I ask is that you write your name on the page so everybody will know it’s yours when it’s hanging on the fridge. (Note: Anyone who actually takes a picture of their coloring hanging on their fridge will instantly become my hero.)
  3. Email me at with your entry attached by the end of next Thursday, August 25th. Put SPAAAAACE somewhere in the subject line. 
You’ve got ten days, folks! Show me your coloring prowess.
(Aside to my wonderful models: You’re welcome to submit your coloring to add to the gallery, but you’re ineligible for the prizes. You’ve already got original coloring pages of yourselves, free copies of the book earmarked just for you, and my eternal love. Love isn’t even on the prize list, you lucky ducks.)
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  1. I just realized I don’t have a printer, this is a problem

  2. 'Lista permalink

    AWESOME!!! I LOVE THIS CONTEST! ::runs off to print coloring pages for the whole family::

    • Nicole permalink

      The whole family? *grins* Lista, I may demand photographic evidence if you make the baby color a page.

      • 'Lista permalink

        If I can get him to color, I’ll present you with video evidence! He’s about to start preschool, but thus far all he’s done with crayons is shove them in his mouth and walk around looking like he was smoking a bright blue cigar.

  3. So awesome!!!!!

  4. Gypsy-Maria permalink

    I AM GOING TO PHOTOSHOP COLOR THE FRAK OUT OF THIS! :| And it won’t matter because it’s random anyway, but I will do it and it will be awesome good fun. :D

    • Nicole permalink


      • Gypsy-Maria permalink


        CONTEST, I AM IN YOU. :|

  5. Bunny permalink

    YAY!!! Colouring! AWESOME pictures colouring! AWESOME Nicole picture colouring! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  6. I won’t lie–I’m totally desperate to enter this contest. (Er, I mean, my kid is desperate! Yeah, that’s it. It’s her, not me.)

    That said, I can’t seem to make the downloads work. Have I gone stupid? Am I missing some sort of obvious trick? Clicking doesn’t expand to full size; clicking the PDF does nothing. Help, please?

    • Nicole permalink

      Meghan, thanks for leaving this comment – I checked it out myself and I couldn’t get the images to load fully with a click, either. I just went and re-uploaded the images and didn’t have that problem again, so give it a try now! (I couldn’t recreate the problem you’ve been seeing with the PDF, though. It should launch a download. Try right-click > Save As? Worst comes to worst, I can always email you the files. :))

      • Brilliant–thank you so much! I’ve successfully downloaded the images, and I have a coloring date with my eight year old tomorrow. Ta!

  7. I am so in love with this book!!! I saw it mentioned on Marianne Kirby’s site and immediately bought four copies off Amazon (they area eligible for their buy three get one free special there). Got them yesterday and have already colored two pages and given one copy away as a gift today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making something soooo awesome. I’ll be entering the contest too but I want to get some better crayons first. I have a really limited range of colors right now. Is there a deadline for entries? My brain might explode from awesomeness if I won and got a drawing of myself like this!!! Obviously my brain might explode from awesomeness just from having the coloring book. I don’t think I’ve every used so many explanation points in a single paragraph before!!! You are rocking my world Ms. Lorenz!

    • Nicole permalink

      The deadline is the end of the day this Thursday the 25th. I’ll put up a reminder post the day before.

      I opened the notification for this comment and started BLUSHING PROFUSELY. You are so, so welcome! It’s feedback like this that gives me the guts to take on projects like this, so thank YOU! Seriously. You’re wonderful. Please don’t explode.

      • OK, I promise not to explode. Though you can probably tell by the typos in my first post how excited I was. I posted about the book and contest on my blog this afternoon and put up a couple of pictures that I colored last night. I sincerely hope that you sell huge numbers of these.

  8. I am SO entering this, as soon as my husband gets home to tell me where on earth he stuck the camera. My digitally colored Zephyr is TOTALLY printed out and hanging on my fridge right now! (I, sadly, own no crayons. Acrylic paints and soft pastels, yes. Crayons, no.) So you’ll be getting two files from me today, the actual colored in file and the photo. If all goes well.

  9. Sewicked permalink

    You have my entry. I have crossed my fingers. I have received notification my order has shipped. Everything is in readiness. Time to take over the WORLD! BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

    *cough, ahem* Nevermind. You didn’t hear that last part.

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