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Houston, we have cover art.

by Theo on July 28th, 2011
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That’s all.


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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!

    • Nicole permalink

      :D I’m sort of fond of it myself.

  2. Bunny permalink

    FANTASTIC!!!! This is gonna be the best colouring book I ever owned!

  3. janalee permalink

    so, when are you taking orders? can I get about 15 or so? :)

    • Nicole permalink

      I’m using CreateSpace as a printer, so the books will be up on Amazon once they’re available. Which will be within the next few weeks!

  4. 'Lista permalink

    I’m going to stalk your blog so that I can buy one (or twelve) before they sell out!!!

    • Nicole permalink

      Haha! They’re not going to sell out (although thank you for your good faith) – I’m going through a print-on-demand service.

      • 'Lista permalink

        It’ll be the first time ever. The print-on-demand place will run completely out of paper and will have to wait for a new order to come in, while we all impatiently refresh the page over and over.


    Nicole, you make my heart smile!

  6. That is awesome!

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