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2011 Book #10: A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

by Theo on July 25th, 2011
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Since watching the BBC Sherlock miniseries for about the third time, I’ve had this urge to read the original Sherlock Holmes collection. So I am – slowly, as with all my reading lately.

I feel like reviewing every Sherlock Holmes novel individually would get redundant, and I can’t seem to stop sketching Holmes making smug bastard faces, so how about I post some ridiculous comics about the novels instead? Cool? Cool.

I may have taken some liberties with the text. But in my defense, Arthur Conan Doyle paused his own novel for five chapters to tell a story about how Mormons are bad, m’kay, so I’m not the dude at this party who’s making everybody uncomfortable.



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  1. Gypsy-Maria permalink


    I. Effing. LOVE this.

    Hearts forever. Brilliant. Can I please post a link to this on Facebook? Because you CANNOT STOP ME. :|

  2. 'Lista permalink

    When I got to the “MORMONS” frame, I actually laughed so hard that I snorted. Not sure why I’m admitting this, but it’s true, nonetheless.

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