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Quick update

by Theo on July 22nd, 2011
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I’m sitting at my dining room table right now with this:

Eighteen coloring book pages, including four placeholders for pages that aren’t done yet (two finished but not yet scanned, one mid-inking, one waiting to be sketched). I’ve got them in an order I like, and the cover art is on my computer.

I keep looking at the table and wondering where all these pages came from. I don’t remember doing that much work! It might have something to do with how much childish glee I’ve gotten from drawing these. Friends who’ve been around me while I draw can vouch for this. Every so often I’ll burst into giggles and say something like “SPACE TIARA!” out of the blue. They put up with this behavior. I have good friends. (Who appreciate space tiaras.)

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  1. I can’t wait to see the actual coloring book!! I’m so in love with this whole project!

  2. Gypsy-Maria permalink

    I have so many hearts for you and this project right now. Sign me up for like, five copies of this. Perhaps more. I’m going to want to give some as gifts to friends (along with boxes of new crayons). :D

    • Nicole permalink

      Hahaha, I would LOVE to see that!

  3. Bunny permalink

    oooooh how exciting you’ve managed to get so far! This is gonna be AWESOMESAUCE!

    • Nicole permalink

      I hope so! I finished inking the second to last page last night. :)

  4. Nicole permalink

    Me too! <3

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