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Alive and con-bound

by Theo on June 30th, 2011
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I’m back from the British Isles and not dead! The shark drawings were completely wasted.

CONvergence is this weekend, and thanks to the Chicago O’Hare airport canceling the last leg of my return flight and putting me up in a Holiday Inn overnight, I’ve had my little bit of downtime before con cut in half. So this post will be brief.

You might notice a new tab on the site – Coloring Books. There’s more info on Fat Ladies In SPAAAAACE! over there. I’m hoping to release this coloring book by the end of July (printer willing), and between next week and the publication date, I’ll be promoting the hell out of it. This means you’ll start seeing downloadable sample pages on this site in the next couple of weeks, a contest or two, and opportunities for bloggers to get advance copies to review.

And if you see me at con this weekend, say hi! I’ll have sample coloring pages with me. And crayons!

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  1. Bunny permalink

    oh I am SOOOO excited for your colouring book to come into existence!!

    have a marvelous time at CON!

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