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My parting gift (before vacation)

by Theo on June 14th, 2011
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In about twelve hours, I’m boarding a plane to the UK for a two-week vacation. I’m not afraid of flying, per se, but every time I’ve gotten on a plane, there’s been a voice riding along in the back of my head for the week leading up to the trip that says: “If that plane crashes you will most likely die. Best get your affairs in order.” It doesn’t seem like a terrible idea regardless of the unlikelihood of imminent death, so I have. I’ve paid up my bills, hugged my roommate, told my brother I love him, and worked on a handful of projects I meant to get around to. I sat down in my bedroom next to my pile of luggage tonight feeling at peace.

Except, what to do with this blog?

I needed to craft a perfect final post, just in case. I don’t want people to learn of my fiery and/or watery demise and come to this site to find a work-in-progress post that will only sharpen their grief. No, the last item on this page if I were to die today ought to be something uplifting and meaningful. Something that says to onlookers, Her life was well-lived, and she had no regrets. A bookend of sorts.

So here’s a page of shark things I drew at Burger King one time.

See you on the other side*, friends.



*applies to death or to updating from a hotel in Dublin, if we have wifi access.

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  1. Gypsy-Maria permalink

    Have an excellent vacation! DON’T DIE PLEASE!

    • Nicole permalink

      I’ll do my best on both counts! *salutes*

  2. 'Lista permalink

    Have fun, but I absolutely forbid you to die. Although, I admit, Burger King shark drawings DO make a nice curtain call!

    • Nicole permalink

      Don’t they? I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Glasgow, with free wifi and a room all to myself for the whole evening, and I’m tempted to just leave that up there instead of posting. Just because.

      • 'Lista permalink

        I’m just glad you replied to my comment so I know you’re still alive! I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC time!! Can’t wait to hear all about the trip when you get back!

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