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WisCon bound!

by Theo on May 26th, 2011
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Folks, meet Sincerity.

Today I’ll be trekking out to WisCon with her and some other fine and totally non-fictional people for a five-day weekend of feminist critique and squee. Sincerity is one of the heroines of the Fat Ladies In Spaaaaace! coloring book I’ve been talking about doing since last year’s WisCon. This year, I’m bringing sample coloring pages along – Sincerity’s included – to get some feedback on the project.

I’ll also be bringing along a short story of mine called “One Stupid Jar of Dirt,” which is about a couple of teenagers on a Mars colony who steal a rover and take it for a joyride. I don’t often play around in SF (I’m much more of a fantasy writer), so doing a YA SF piece was loads of fun! I’ll be reading it at Michaelangelo’s cafe between 1:00-2:15pm, along with the other writers in my reading group – which promises to be awesome, by the way. If you’re at the con or in the area, come on by and hear us read!

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  1. janalee permalink

    Oh I really need a Tardis. Or a DeLorian.

    *shakes pom-poms anyway*

    Go, Nicole!!!

    You’ll do great- you are a wonderful writer, and a very talented (and funny) reader. Plus you have coloring pages!! Total win, there.

    • Nicole permalink

      Thank you! I’ll try my best to make it interesting. (At the very least, there’s swearing in this story. And I’m usually pretty reserved about dropping f-bombs in public, so that’ll be a new experience!)

    • Nicole permalink

      By the way, someone found their way to my site by googling “How to be a pretend agent.” I think you have an admirer!

      • janalee permalink

        Oooh, hey! We can start a pretend literary agency and pretend to publish books and … wait. I want to really publish books. Hmmph.

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