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Next: infidelity with my NaNoWriMo novel outline.

by Theo on October 12th, 2010
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I was literally writing this exact same post: The Nine Stages of Dating a Novel. But I left the idea sitting around as a half-written draft for too long, and it found itself another blogger.

I’ll let Troy from Community illustrate my feelings toward the idea right now.

Seriously, though, T.H. Mafi’s entry is hilarious, and you should read it.

I’m currently at the Procrastination stage with the YA fantasy novel I’m working on, verging on the Expletive stage. The story seems to need to be written in a really social setting – if not in the middle of a room full of people talking, then at least while constantly chatting back and forth with friends online. Normally, when I have an evening free of social engagements, I’m all “Wooo! Writing time!” But no. An evening without socializing is just unproductive for this story, and I end up watching TV or reading Mark Reads Harry Potter instead.

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